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Drumming improves your coordination, confidence, rhythm and musicality. It’s a great workout for your mind and body, which makes it a good workout for the soul - and it’s a whole lot of fun!

Whether you have professional aspirations or you just want to try something new, I can help you achieve your goals with learning techniques designed for success.

Tuition is based around the following skill sets:
        Learning your favourite songs

Lessons for Kids

One focus… fun!

As a teacher it’s absolutely vital to harness this energy and encourage the development of their interest. If your child is having fun, learning becomes instinctual. I have taught 5 year olds who can now read drum notation, while simultaneously playing the notes and counting the beats.  This isn’t because they realise the importance and benefits of these skills, but because they enjoy doing it.

A typical lesson is divided into two halves; we have a learning phase and a playing phase.

In the learning phase, I’ll teach your child a single concept using a set of exercises which we will then practice.

In the playing phase, your child has free reign to play the drums however he or she wants to.

Parents’ Role

Like any skill, learning to play the drums takes regular practice and the sooner a daily routine has become a habit, the faster your child will develop their skills.  This is where you come in.

At the end of each lesson, I’ll go through the exercises with you so you can help your child with their daily practice throughout the week.  The focus here is regularity, not time.  Accomplishing 5 minutes every day is infinitely more beneficial than a single 30 minute session once a week.  With time, your child will develop the skills and discipline for private practice, but until then I actively encourage you to play a major role in this process.

The feedback I’ve had from parents and children alike is that ‘practice time’ is something both parties not only enjoy, but look forward to.


First 30 min lesson – free!

Lessons with Duke

Lessons with Duke

Teaching Days:
Mon – Wed – Thu

Weekly 30 min Lessons – £80/month
Weekly 60 min Lessons – £150/month


Lessons with Joe

Lessons with Joe

Teaching Days:
Tue – Sat – Sun

Weekly 30 min Lessons – £65/month
Weekly 60 min Lessons – £120/month



Please let me know via text or phone call. If I am able to fit you in at an alternative time slot, I will always prefer to do this rather than have you miss the lesson entirely. If the worst happens and a lesson cannot be rearranged, there are several months containing an additional fifth week. This can make up for a previously missed lesson, or it can be considered a bonus for full attendance.
My studio is located on the new development site at 'Lyde Green', Emersons Green. Take the turning off the Ring Road (A4174) opposite the exit for Sainsburys and follow the road round to the left.
Yes. As I teach in schools I have a full DBS certificate
If they can hold a pair of drum sticks and I can keep their attention long enough to teach them the basics, then they are the perfect age. Smaller children may not be able to reach the foot pedals yet, however that does not hinder the development of their stick control or ability to read and learn music.
To get started, you don’t need any equipment. I highly recommend having a few lessons first before making any major purchases, as the first few lessons can be practiced without a drum kit if necessary. If you wish to continue and make good progress, a drum kit to practice on is essential. There are many options here for which I am happy to give advice to suit your specific requirements.


How to's and drumming news!
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